Strongest safe was drilled, 7.2 Million RM valuables has been stolen.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -The burglars cut through the reinforced concrete wall of strong room by using diamond core machine. A large quantity of gold jewelry and cash were stolen about RM 7,200,000.

                On Friday, 7th June 2020 at least 3 burglars got in the shop through the grille and hole which was about 4-meter high and 12-inch thick into the strong room. They cut through the reinforced concrete wall of strong room and opened one of the strongest safe, 4-inch, using special diamond core machine to drill it within 3 minutes, stealing 40kg gold bars, gold ornaments, jewelry and cash value around RM 7,200,000.

                After investigation, the police believed that the loss occurred between midnight-early morning. One member of burglars knew how to bypassed the alarm system and damaged the CCTV. They had targeted the shop and surveyed in detail for over a period of time as the shop only started the business less than 6 months.

                Luckily, the shop had done insurance with AEG, so, all losses were taken care by AEG since the beginning until the end of investigation. AEG takes all the victims’ problems and provides comprehensive protection so that they can continue to operate their business. Therefore, the shop was opened for business after the holiday.

                Most of the cases, burglars are skillful and experienced technicians who plan and observe before committing a heist. If it is so, not only your possessions, even your life, can be in danger. Don’t risk your life with the case you can protect. Let AEG help you with it.

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