About us.

Company Biography

In 1984, Anglo East was first established by both presidents, Mr. KK Poon and Mr. CM Poon, with the specialty in insurance especially the Jewellery Block. Anglo East is the first insurance charter to convince Insurance Market of London underwriters to change from solely wording based insurance into trust based, and from traditional wording into modern wording from.

Since then, the underwriter appoints Anglo East to be the first and only insurance broker in Asia who has the binding authority to be the cover holder of Insurance Market of London that can issue the policies on spot.

With the understanding of customers’ needs over the years, Anglo East Surety (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was set up in 1987, to provide 24-Hour security including Alarm, Electronic Access Control, CCTV, Safe, and vault systems to perpetually look after customer’s safety and well-being.

Soon after, Anglo East aims to be the one stop service provider for security where Jewel Express was established, as a courier service for valuable cargo and all types of sending. For the better time and cost effectiveness, it has established the partnership with courier agents globally to ease the sending to any destinations worldwide.

In 2017, the company successfully establishes AEG Smart Locker to provide safety deposit locker services to our clients, with the most advance access control and strong room technology implemented, including stages of biometric security, to reflect another step towards a top service to our privileged customers.